Sony Unveils Schoolgirl Ogling VR Simulator Because Japan


Sony, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that porn-y first-person games featuring underage girls (somewhat ubiquitous in Japan) elicit shudders at best and extremely negative publicity at worst in the West, has decided to push the company’s Morpheus VR headset with a schoolgirl ogling simulator to be unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

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Summer Lesson, the softcore-esque title of the simulator, will be “playable” at the show for Japanese journalists to try out, and for foreign journalists to briskly walk by while casting creeped-out glances at the game’s booth.

Who are we kidding, though? This one’s going to be a hit at the show, albeit for all the wrong reasons. The foreign press is already drooling at all the “Crazy Japan” stories they’re going to get out of it, with the added bonus of being able to play the game for “research” purposes without looking like total creepers.


It seems a reasonable conclusion that Sony, having certainly sunk many millions of dollars into the Morpheus system, wanted to display something different from the rival Oculus Rift’s numerous roller coaster demos and fell back on Japan’s old standby: Creepy interaction with digital underage girls. Whether this is a deft maneuver or tone-deaf folly – remember, TGS attracts loads of foreign press from countries with generally more wholesome attitudes towards women – will have to wait until we see just how scathing the Jezebel review of the game is.

(P.S.: We’ll be attending TGS just like last year, so stay tuned for our own impressions after the show in late September, in which we rate the game on a thematically appropriate A-F exam scale.)

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