Now You Can Buy Jeans Ripped Up by Zoo Animals

lions jeans 1

Clothing brand Zoo Jeans has decided that having your jeans ripped and worn out for you by underpaid Chinese factory workers is no longer trendy enough. The next revolutionary step in fashion is here: Jeans “designed” by the fashion-conscious lions, tigers and bears of a Japanese zoo.

As the video above shows, denim is wrapped around tires, given to the hipster animals of Kamine Zoo, then sewn into pairs of jeans once the material has been suitably ruined.

All proceeds from the auction of the jeans will go towards renovating the zoo, located in Hitachi, and you have to admit they’d be a fantastic conversation starter. Even if that conversation generally begins, “Are you ok?! What happened to you?”

Below are a few pictures of the jeans being “designed”:




lion jeans 1 lions jeans 1 lions jeans 2 tiger jeans 1 tiger jeans 2bear jeans

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