Cure Your Hemorrhoids at This Shrine

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Kunigami Shrine

Shrines in Japan often serve specific purposes. If you want to pass a test you pray one shrine, if your business needs a boost you go to another… and if you want to to cure yourself of hemorrhoids you go to Kunigami Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture.

Visitors to the shrine were once able to wash their rectum in the river and eat egg offerings to cure their hemorrhoids but (as a result of advanced medical technology no doubt) a “Butt Washing Stone” is now used instead. Attendees can simply point their rectum towards the stone and recite a chant in order to vaccinate themselves from ever developing hemorrhoids.

The Butt Washing Stone in action

The Butt Washing Stone in action

An annual festival held at the Shinto shrine was discontinued in 1988 but, thankfully for the collective health of Japan’s butts, was restarted two years ago. This year around 70 people were in attendance.

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Source & pics: IT Media via Kotaku

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