Japan’s 10 Strangest Love Hotel Names

Kabukicho, Tokyo (pic: Shutterstock)

Kabukicho, Tokyo (pic: Shutterstock)

Love hotels, or “rabu ho” in Japanese, can be found all over Japan, offering short “rest” periods and various apparatus to help guests rest more effectively. As well as offering a range of themes from Christmastime to Hello Kitty, many of them also have imaginative names.

Goo Research recently asked 1,074 Japanese people to complete a private online questionnaire to determine the most bizarre love hotel name in Japan. We were distraught to find that none of the top ten are in Tokyo, but here’s the highlights anyway.

“Hotel Gorilla Dream,” located in Oita prefecture, took first place while “Legend of the Innocent Beaver,” and “The Ducks Friend,” continued the confusing animal trend at fifth and tenth.

The logo for number 10, "Hotel Banana & Donut"

The logo for number 10, “Hotel Banana & Donut” seems to condone fruit rape

“Ora Ora” at number seven is an onomatopoeic word used to represent a shout of encouragement and number two’s “To, iuwakede” is named after a Japanese phrase used when suggesting something that doesn’t need to be mentioned specifically. It can be used just before leaving a party or perhaps even as an innocent romantic stroll with a date should happen upon a love hotel…

Outside of the top ten, other establishments of note include number 21, “The Wild Monkey Festival Resort,” and number 28, “The Throbbing Aristocrat.”

Hotel Study Room

Number 8: “Hotel Study Room” (pic: 1kuchi)

The top ten:

1. ホテル ゴリラの夢 (Hotel Gorilla Dream)

2. と、いうわけで (So… Shall we?)

3. ホテルだぞぉ〜 (Oh, Look, a Hotel…)

4. ホテル王将 (Hotel King)

5. おとぼけビーバーでんせつ (Legend of the Innocent Beaver)

6. ホテル いちねんいちくみ (Grade 1: Classroom 1)

7. オラオラ (“Ora Ora” a shout of encouragement)

8. ホテル勉強部屋 (Hotel Study Room)

9. あひるのともだち (The Duck’s Friend)

10. ホテル バナナとドーナツ (Hotel Banana & Donut)


Via: Goo Ranking. Thanks to Takuji Shimizu for help with translations.

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