Fisherman Finds $40 million worth of Cocaine on Beach


A fisherman in Yokosuka, Kanagawa discovered roughly 80kg worth of cocaine on the beach when he was picking up trash near his house on Tuesday. Since then another 40kg has washed ashore, bringing the total to 120kg and an estimated street value of ¥7.1 billion ($70 million).

Police believe the drugs were tossed overboard after a botched deal as they were inside backpacks attached to a float, along with plastic bottles containing glow sticks. Tokyo Desu, however, would like to surmise that the deal was successful and all parties involved were simply having an offshore rave.

No old-timey pirates' maps were found inside the bottles (pic: Shutterstock)

No old-timey pirates’ maps were found inside the bottles (pic: Shutterstock)

The find has been classed as the biggest illegal drug haul in Japan’s history.

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