Mugging Victim Walks 1400km Home Rather Than Asking Anyone For Help


A 25-old-man returned home on Thursday after being missing since August 25th. He explained to authorities that, after having his wallet and phone stolen in Fukuoka, he decided to walk 1400km to his home in Sendai rather than bother anybody by asking for help.

We wouldn't even want to drive this distance

Google maps estimates this walk to take a remarkably accurate 273 hours – it took our wanderer approximately 264. Note this picture is just to illustrate distance and does not show his actual route.

The man, described somewhat pointlessly in the media as a “company employee,”  missed his flight home after a card gaming competition in Fukuoka and began searching for an internet cafe to spend the night (a common practice in Japan as booths are surprisingly comfortable and usually cheaper than capsule hotels). As he was walking the streets he was accosted by 5 men who took his wallet and phone.

Rather than go to the police at this stage, the man decided to hit satirical levels of Japanese politeness stereotypes by choosing to walk home – almost the entire length of Japan – rather than trouble anybody. With the ¥2000 ($20) he’d hidden in his shoe, he was able to buy just enough bread and water to sustain him for his epic 11-day odyssey.

Once he returned home, hungry and heavily tanned from the journey, his mother attempted to outdo his stereotypical Japanese-ness by apologising for her actions (i.e. reporting her son missing), “I was so surprised, I thought a ghost had appeared. I’m so happy. And I’m deeply sorry for all the worry we’ve caused everyone.”

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