Ex-Wrestler & Battle Royale Star Both Elected, Other Politicians Weep in Fear


Yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Japan resulted in a landslide victory for the governing Liberal Democrats and, more importantly, almost certainly set the Upper House for a violent bloodbath by handing seats to an ex-wrestler and a two-time Battle Royale winner.

This is not the first upper house seat for ex-wrestling star Antonio Inoki, who used to dominate the tag team ranks in a partnership with Giant Baba known as “B-I Cannon,” and once fought Muhammad Ali to a draw in a cross-discipline bout. He was also elected in 1989 and, during his term, negotiated the release of Japanese hostages in Iraq. This feat was most likely achieved simply by staring their captors directly in the eye.

Give this man all the hostages, immediately

Give this man all the hostages, immediately

Inoki was elected as part of the Japan Restoration Party, headed by Toru “sex slaves are necessary during war” Hashimoto. He is against nuclear power and has made calls for improved social security, which is probably a good idea, since 2,325 people over the age of 65 were arrested for stealing food in 2012.

Taro Yamamoto, who played Boy #5 Shogo Kawada in cult gore-fest Battle Royale, was also elected to the Upper House as an independent. The 38 year-old failed to win a seat in December’s Lower House elections but was clearly much more persuasive this time around.

"Vote for me"


Via: Japan Times

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