Psychic Predicts Catastrophic Natural Disaster in Japan Soon, Only Way to Save Lives by Retweeting


A popular psychic named Ron Bard has attracted national attention on Twitter by predicting a huge natural disaster will occur in Japan within the next two to three months, causing a major loss of life.

Bard, who describes himself as “The King of Psychics,” “A True Psychic,” “World Famous Medium Psychic” and “World Famous Celebrity Psychic Clairvoyant” all on one single page of his website, posted a prophetic tweet two days ago, “I predicted March 11, but no one believed me. You can save lives this time by retweeting this!”

Ron Bard's homepage

Ron Bard’s homepage, in which he categorically DOES NOT look like he is telling a child to be quiet as he snatches him from the beach

After that selfless message, which was in no way self-promoting, World Famous Celebrity Psychic Clairvoyant Ron Bard also revealed the following points through Twitter rather than mass-telecommunication. Which he could totally do if he felt like it:

1) To everyone in Japan, once again, hello. I have some important messages to convey to you today in Japanese. (Translation: Yoko Fujimoto)

2) Last night, I was able to see into the future of Japan. I’d like to share those visions with you.

3) In two or three months, Japan is going to experience a natural disaster.

4) My message is very important. Everyone, please retweet this so that many people in Japan will know. In particular, tell your family, friends and loved ones. Please tell as many people as possible to follow me on Twitter.

5) This is not a joke. If you are not going to believe this message, please go ahead and stop reading now.

6) But if you would like to keep your loved ones and many other safe, pass my message on to as many people as possible. Or have them follow me on Twitter.

7) For the next couple of months, please read my tweets carefully. As the day of the disaster gets closer, I will be able to say which parts of Japan are most at risk.

8) As you all know, I predicted the March 11 disaster. Around the summer of 2010, it began to become clear to me. That prediction was published in the Tokyo Sports Shimbun, but it appears few people took notice of it. That’s why I want to stress the importance of my message this time.

9) If you want to protect your family and friends and others around you, please take my tweets seriously. And encourage people to follow me on Twitter. In this way, many people’s lives might be saved.

10) When it has passed, two or three months feels like a twinkling of an eye, but when there are two or three months to go, it feels like an eternity. But time is of the essence. From this moment on, you must imagine yourself in a state of emergency, and it is important that you prepare yourself mentally, as well as stocking up necessary goods.

11) I was raised in Christianity and Judaism, but now I believe that Japan is the source of all the world’s religions. Everyone, please pray together with me for the safety of the people of Japan. If you pray with me, perhaps we will be able to save your family, friends and loved ones. (quotation ends).

(translations by Rocket News 24)

For those that aren’t familiar with The King of Psychics Ron Bard’s previous prophecies – shame on you by the way – he accurately predicted major events such as the March 2011 earthquake and Hurricane Sandy by making vague comments about “cat-sized rats” in the New York subway and a “great difficulty” for Japan. Not only this, World Famous Celebrity Psychic Clairvoyant Ron Bard is also a world famous celebrity psychic clairvoyant. Among his past clients are a number of celebrities known for their sound judgement such as Justin Bieber and Lindsey Lohan.

In case you’re wondering, True Psychic Ron Bard predicted that Bieber’s popularity would grow and Lohan’s legal troubles would continue. Wow! True psychic!

There are skeptics out there who believe World Famous Medium Psychic Ron Bard is just a pathetic loser, whose only “supernatural power” is the ability to regularly expel faecal matter via his mouth, worrying thousands of people simply to satisfy his childish, desperate need for attention.  Well, those people, those idiots, will no doubt read his recent tweet and tremble with repentant fear:

bard tweet

A very original take on English grammar, but the message is clear: This is just like that time a baby died because you didn’t share a story on Facebook.

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  1. Gay Jesus 13 November, 2013 at 16:41 Reply

    The guy with glasses above needs to lose weight. Did he predict this comment? There will be zero disasters in Japan in 2014. He needs to stop eating. There will be zero disasters on the west coast of the US in 2014. Look out east coast! He really needs to lose weight! The next big disaster will hit the east coast. Maybe he should consider wearing a bag over his head. If you live on the east coast of the US I would look out for fires, tidal waves, hurricanes, bombs, terrorism, floods, droughts, ricin and the plague. Good luck east coast you will need it!

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