Pigeon People Troll Google Street View Car in Tokyo


by Rick Ochoa


It’s apparently a bad week for the Google Street View car.

Google Maps is no stranger to online pranks. Back in 2010, two Norwegian men dressed in scuba gear and, armed with tridents, gave chase to a Google Street View Car, appearing in Google Maps’ Street View and causing widespread hysteria around Reddit and other Net forums. Users were left debating whether this was the fabled coming of the fish people and asking where they could buy their own trident.

And who could forget when an artist collective mooned another Street View car when it was snapping pictures in the streets of Berlin? Or the Ryogoku Street View filled with sumo wrestlers and the bathing Japanese macaques in Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano?

Pranks are great, especially when they come with the right dose of weirdness and creativity, which is exactly what a group of university students from Japan achieved by posing along Tamagawa-josui Street in Western Tokyo while wearing creepy rubber pigeon masks.


Apparently the students belong to the nearby Musashino Art University, which explains a lot about their eccentric prank.

Then again, judging by the students’ blog, which features numerous photos of them just hanging out and doing everyday things in pigeon masks, the Street View car may have just caught these kids doing what they do every Saturday afternoon.

pigeon2 pigeon3

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