One Lucky Couple to Get Married on a Yamanote Line Train, Delight and Enrage Commuters



JR East is offering one couple the chance to marry aboard one of their Yamanote Line trains this October in order to celebrate their 141st birthday and the 50th anniversary of the introduction to the line’s signature green colour.

Applications will be accepted over the next three weeks for the ceremony, which will take place on October 14th. During the ceremony the train will complete a 60 minute lap of Tokyo, stopping at each station but keeping the doors closed, forcing commuters to watch the group’s joyful day as they realise they’ll have to wait for the next – even busier – train. The combination of both a wedding and a train delay is possibly the perfect storm to provide the full spectrum of human emotion.

For those unfamiliar with the unbelievably efficient, yet completely de-humanising experience that is the Yamanote Line, it travels through 29 stations (including the three busiest in the world) in a looped route round Tokyo, carrying an estimated 3.68 million passengers a day. In comparison, all 12 of the London Underground’s subway lines carry a total of 2.7 million people through 275 stations each day.

Californian prisoners were appalled to learn how crowded the Yamanote Line is

Californian prisoners were appalled to learn how crowded the Yamanote Line is (Pic: Reddit)

Unfortunately for onlookers, the wedding won’t be rush hour themed, with guests’ faces pressed up against windows and the bride and groom forced to kiss as salarymen stand so close their balmy, moist breath steams up their eyeballs. A maximum of 120 guests will be invited aboard eleven trains, which are usually capable of cramming 1,000 people, making for what we imagine would be a pretty fun wedding.

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