Pictures: What If… Dictators Were Sexy Anime Girls


Ever looked at pictures of genocidal despot Pol Pot and thought, “Wow, he’d make for one sexy manga character”? Apparently you’re not the only one. In Female Transformation: Biography of the World’s Dictators Ikarosu Publications take a look at how 20th Century dictators such as Stalin, Hitler and Mao may have looked as cute anime girls…


Chairman Mao’s younger, feminine, yet equally deranged alter-ego claims the cover. Though we’re disappointed Princess Leia buns weren’t used to match his timeless hairstyle, we have to admit those puffy green shorts  are sublime.

Adolf_Hitler_anime_girlAdolf Hitler is portrayed as an art student, as though he’d continued down his original artistic career path and, instead of directing his anger at the world, addressed his gender identity confusion by removing his sole remaining testicle.


Loveable rogue Muammar Gaddafi, if his plastic surgery obsession had been allowed to reach it’s final, unexpected climax.


The Great Leader Kim Il-Sung is portrayed as a beauty pageant winner, much like his grandson – current North Korean leader and Üter Zörker lookalike Kim Jong-Un – who was recently named The Onion’s ‘Sexiest Man of 2012’.  One Chinese national paper subsequently picked up the story and, believing The Onion was a serious publication, ran a 55 image gallery of the tubby tyrant to celebrate.


Mussolini may not have actually made the trains run on time, but he’d certainly be stopping traffic in a skirt that short.


Omar Al-Bashir, genocidal president of Sudan, may need to withdraw some money from his $9bn Lloyd’s Bank embezzlement account to buy himself a shirt that fits. And possibly demand an explanation as to why his skin has been Michael-Jacksonified.


Pol Pot’s depiction as a scantily-clad girl leaning on a heap of skulls – which are a genuinely chilling exhibition at the killing fields in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh – is a little controversial.


Saddam Hussein flashes his infamous come-to-bed eyes in his military regulation suspenders. Just don’t think too much about how that hairstyle resembles his beard.


Stalin, who stood at a kawaii 5’4″ in real life, had a number of painters shot for failing to capture his ‘Godliness’. Perhaps this is the divine effort he’d been clamouring for all along.

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